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Wow where has the time gone.  We are already charging towards Easter and that all important time when we are coming out of the darkness into Spring time. 

My facebook page is always full of updates and photos along with free appointments, so go take a look and like me to get regular updates.   

The weather will start to change soon and we are already seeing a glimpse of sunshine.  Yes spring is on it way and the Daffodils are well in bloom.  So this time is certainly the time to start booking your holidays and your all important treatments.

Book your appointments for your beauty needs well in advance.  We have a few new product launches which will take up available appointment slots.  So book in advance and try to not leave it till last minute. 

I am always on the look our for new colours and there are some new ones coming in.  If you know anything about me and my regulars will say that I will always have an amazing selection of colours to choose from.  Grey and Grey Nudes are certainly still popular.  But pink and red is coming back.  You ladies are certainly wanting a bit more colour in your lives. 

I am truly proud to be offering a new and beautiful nail enhancement (extension) system, by Nail Harmony called ProHesion.  Its has beautiful clarity and strength and is certainly for my ladies that want gorgeous long lasting enhancements.  This is a Liquid and Powder system and is a professional branded system.  Remember that my nails look natural and at the forefront of my service is natural nail care.  I use the filing method only and my service times reflect this.  I don't do 'false' looking nails.

Alongside the Liquid and Powder System I also offer a beautiful Hard Gel which as been a firm favourite.  I not found one as good and NSI Balance Hard Gel still offers a beautiful gel experience.

Nail Extensions are coming back in trend.  People are getting impatient and finding that their own nails just don't compare for whatever reason.  So have an extension product on your natural nails and then the Gel polish over the top for long strong beautiful nails.  I wear these all the time and wouldn't be without them.  Managed professionally they DO NOT damage your nails. 

Exciting and Watch this space, alongside Hard Gel and Prohesion I will be launching Gelish PolyGel in the coming weeks.  Its an incredibly strong and durable product.  No lifting is guaranteed and it feels like you are not wearing them.  They are so light but strong, this really is exciting times.  The application method is different by similar so if you want any more details and be one of the first in the UK to experience this innovative system, then give me a shout.  I will be one of the first team members to be trained.  I'm fit to burst and can't wait to get it.  Its for natural nail overlays and extension, and the French is stunning.

There is still such a high demand for my CND Shellac and Gelish Gel Polish nail services.  So please try to plan ahead.  I do get cancellations so don't be shy to try.

Gift Vouchers -  Available for purchase of a treatment or a monetary amount.

All my products are genuine and are purchased from reputable professional suppliers. I don't buy the cheap stuff, nor the fake imitations that are available on ebay.  By purchasing the professional products I can assure the content and performance.  The fake copies contain products that increase the risk of allergic reactions and nail damage.  I care about your nails and as such my prices are honest and professionally competitive.  

Its my training, my insurances, my experience, my care, my knowledge and my professional products that you get from my service. 

I am a certified trained CND Shellac Salon.  I am a certified trained Gelish Salon by Nail Harmony.  I am trained to a high standard and continue to research and train to ensure that my knowledge is up to date.

Remember 'Shellac' by CND is a brand name and not a service type.  Please make sure you are getting what you are asking for.  Be clear on what 'Shellac' actually means and ask for CND Shellac if that's what you want. 

Shellac means Hard Coating, so I suppose if you ask for 'Shellac' you will get any type of Gel Polish available to the salon at that time including the copies.

I get so many people asking me to take off their Shellac nails... but in fact its not Shellac at all and it ends up taking 40 to 60 mins to take off as opposed to the 8 mins for actual CND Shellac.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, and I hope that I am able to welcome you to Essential Beauty. 

Julie x

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Whats New?​

​​New product launch..  Gelish Polygel.  A new incredible enhancement product you wont know your wearing.  Lightweight, durable, strong and no lifting.  Lauching soon.

ProHesion Acrylic Nail Enhancements now here....  just Beautiful.

Gelish by Nail Harmony.  UKs Leading Gel Polish.