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Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss are now very much available at Essential Beauty.

It took a few trials and a few errors to decide on the best brands to represent my business but to also provide sustainable and happy nail services to all my customers.

Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss are two amazing gel polishes that last up to 3 weeks dependent on your nail condition, aftercare and preferences. These really are amazing and are used directly on natural nails.

If you are looking for or needing a little more strength and help if you are hard on your hands or am transferring from enhancements to a natural nail service, then we have a 'structure soak off gel' to be able to provide help, repairs and small extensions to the natural nail plate.


So if you do have problematic nails or have just broken one then both Artistic and Gelish have Structure gels to assist with the natural nail growth and to add a little bit more support where needed.

Both systems are soak off systems and are removed easily in as little as 10 minutes whilst you drink that perfect cup of tea or coffee.

Gel polish services are the fastest growing treatments in the nail industry. Done properly and professionally in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions there is no damage to the natural nail.

This service is here to stay. There are many colours for you to choose from and the collection grows all the time.

Effects can be created and glitter and embellishments can also be used to create that look you need for that wow factor.

Gelish and Artistic have that depth of colour that is truly amazing. Very shiny and tough and will last for as long as you want it to.*

*subject to nail condition and aftercare conditions.

VitaGel by Nail Harmony

It’s it also really exciting that for the first time, Gelish has just launched the first gel nail treatment that can either work on its own producing a high shine natural nail, or can sit under any of the Gelish colour range. Additionally, your can use traditional nail polish over the top if you so wish. 

VitaGel is a soft gel formula that includes micro-suspension technology that stores molecules of Vitamin A, B5 and E within the gel itself. Specifically it is designed for ultimate absorption of keratin into the natural nail plate. The encapsulation of the vitamins allows for the continuous release of nutrients into the nail plate and bed for up to 14 days.

This is a prescriptive nail treatment and will not last as long as a gel polish service. So if a colour is added over the top then it won't last as long. This is a different service and is not to be compared to a Gelish Manicure for long lasting colour. This is a treatment for your nails and will be removed and reapplied at this point if you so wish.

There are two types of treatment dependent on nail type.

  1. VitaGel STRENGTH is designed to help with soft, thin, peeling, easy to break, brittle and no growth nails. Its great for ladies who want to maintain her natural nails and helps to grow out a healthier nail.
  2. VitaGel RECOVERY is designed to help with excessive damaged nails which has occurred from situations such as improper nail enhancement application and care. It works great for those who wish to come away from the enhancement system and start to grown her natural nails back.

Please note that with both options there is a journey to be traveled. This is not an instant solution. VitaGel will give support through both options but really works over time with the vitamins and generation of new nail. 

Tests have proven that VitaGel can achieve more than 4 weeks on the nails without peeling or chipping, unless the seal at the edge is broken. This product is a soak of product so harsh chemicals will effect performance.

I have an extensive range of colours so please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Make your own natural nails really work for you... contact me for an appointment.

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