Balance UV Hard Gel system by NSI

A revolutionary UV hard gel enhancement system that incorporates the very latest technology creating a system that is versatile, durable, odourless, hypoallergenic and great to wear.

It combines a superior, no lift adhesive UV gel foundation, with free-flowing, flexible self-leveling builder gels that create the perfect shape every time.

With the Balance Finish Gels that complete the system adding a permanent high gloss and natural finish. The Balance Gel System really is that good.

  1. Versatile
  2. Durable
  3. Flexible
  4. Odourless
  5. Transparency for a natural finish
  6. Choices in colour and finish.

The gel enhancement system is a gel that is 100% non-porous. Once applied your natural nails are sealed and protected from any infections. The clarity of the finish is amazing and they are strong and durable.

Suitable for natural nail overlays and is also used for natural nail extensions either using a tip application or the free-form sculpting method where the free edge is extended using the Balance Gel itself.

There are many choices of colours and combinations of colours, either for a natural finish or for the popular French manicure finish. Choices of pinks, clears, opaques and pink cover gels, all make for an exciting experience.

Technology is moving all the time, we are trialling a few new hard gels that will keep all my ladies satisfied.

Like a bit of colour too?

If you are the type of person that loves colour on your finger nails, then look no further. I can use the NSI balance hard gel to create the nail.

Then you can choose from a big range of colours to place over the top using either Shellac by CND or Gelish by Nail Harmony. Beautiful Nails with no drying time required. 

Or quite simply I can finish with a natural look and high gloss shine. 

Colour over any enhancement is at extra cost.

If you have any questions on the solution that would best suit you then please, give me a call or email me.

For an Appointment Call : 07800747982

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