Natural Nail Care

Essential Beauty has gained a good reputation over time, and it is clear that care is at the forefront of any service that it delivered.

The Natural Nail is so easily damaged and it is so important to understand why this is so.

It is so important to look after the nail through any treatment conducted to it, as this treatment reflects the reputation of the brand, product, service and business.

If over time a nail has become, weak or damaged or thin, there will be a reason and it normally comes down to one thing. Nail Technician neglect, either through lack of training, knowledge or care.

The natural nail treatments that are explained in this category are just that natural. The infusion of oils and masks that create a treatment to make you and your nails feel better.

Please see the price list that will give you a list of the manicures and pedicures that are available at Essential Beauty.

They really are enjoyable and a real treat.

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