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In addition to the fast growing and extremely popular Gel Polish and Shellac Toe Nail Services, there are a number of other treatments that I would like to categorize and 'cosmetic'.

The feet take a large amount of force and carry us day to day. Generally we paint our toes and do a bit of hard skin filing, but generally we neglect our feet and toenails.

Over time, I am sad to say that this neglect migrates to our toenails and problems start to occur.

Whether you loose a part of your Toe Nail through infection or trauma, sports or 'just hit it on the bed post', I have the solution to fix it temporarily.

Cosmetic Toenail reconstruction can transform your little toes into a perfect set of nails. All looking natural and ready to go about your day.

Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction - If you have had trauma, damage or partial toenail loss and would like them to look perfect for the summer, look no further. I can The reconstruction of your nail natural toe nail so that you just can't tell you had a problem. 

Using a Hard Gel it is sculpted to your toe using an anchor point (part of an existing toenail) and a new nail is formed.

The Gel is placed under a UV Lamp in order the the product can set hard.

This is then file into a final shape and then either painted in a colour to suite and a top coat is applied to seal in the treatment. This is available in high gloss or matt finish.

This really could be the answer to your problem.

Please note that it may be difficult to disguise discolouration, but everything will be discussed during your consultation.

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