Treatment Pricing

Nail Enhancements


Using both industry leading NSI Balance Hard Gel, and Nail Harmony ProHesion Liquid and Powder system and the New NSI PolyDip system.

  • Natural Nail Overlays - £30.00 - Got the Length but not the strength? This treatment coats the natural nail, making it as strong as an extension.
  • Natural Nail Overlay Pink and White - £35.00 - This treatment coats the natural nail with a permanent French manicure finish.
  • Nail Extensions with Clear or Pink - £40.00 - Application of tip, these extensions are very natural in appearance. An infill is required every 2 weeks depending on nail growth.
  • Infill - £25.00
  • Nail Extensions Pink and White - £45.00 - Application for Tip, coated with permanent French Manicure. Infills required every 2 weeks depending on nail growth.
  • Rebalance Pink and White - £35 - Treatment required every 2-3 weeks depending on nail growth. All product is buffed back to reestablish shape and support of enhancement and re-align the permanent French.
  • Tip Replacement with Rebalance - £3.00
  • Single Tip Replacement - £5.00
  • Soak-Off Prior to Application of Tips - £5.00 This treatment is for the removal of nail enhancements prior to the application of a new set of tips.
  • Safe Product Removal & Mini Manicure - £15.00 - This treatment is for the gentle removal of nail enhancements, with a tidy to neaten the natural nail.
  • Gelish or Shellac Colour over Gel or Acrylic - £10

Gelish by Nail Harmony

'Gelish' is the industry leading Gel polish that cures under UV light giving you a manicure or pedicure that lasts up to 2 to 3 weeks. These gel polish's are non damaging to the natural nails and assists with natural nail growth. Slight buffing to the natural nail is required to assist product adhesion.

There is a large choice of colours and the Gel Polish treatment lasts from 45 minutes. Inclusive of a mini manicure, this really is a great treatment.

Gelish Structure Gel - This is a clear UV Soak off Gel that can be used to assist the natural nail with support. Used on its own, or indeed under or over any Gelish Colour Polish.

  • Gelish Manicure - £27
  • Gelish Pedicure - £30
  • Gelish Rockstar Manicure (Glitter effects) £30
  • Gelish Rockstar Pedicure - £35
  • Gelish Removal is free upon reapplication
  • Gelish Removal - £15, if no further application is required includes mini manicure.
  • Gelish Structure Gel - Natural Nail Finish - £20
  • Gelish Structure Gel - Strength Coating under/over Colour - £10
  • Gelish Add-On to Acrylics or Gel - £10
  • Gelish Individual Nail Repair - from £3.00

Nail Design

  • Glitter / Pigments / Dust Nail Designs - additional £10 for full set 0r £1 per nail (this includes Chrome and Chameleon)
  • Crystal Nails - Swarowksi Crystal - 20p per Crystal (£1 for 5)
  • Filagree or Any Sticker Nail Art - £1 per nail.

Gelish Dip by Nail Harmony

The revolutionary Acrylic Dip system for gorgeous nails lasting up to 2 weeks. Available in many colours and has a strong shiney finish. No Fuss and No Mess. Lots of colours and different French finishes. For coating natural nails but also extensions can also be done.

  • Full Set Natural Nail Overlay - £30
  • Full Set Tip and Overlay £40
  • Removal £10 with no new set

CND Shellac

The revolutionary Super Polish that cures under a UV lamp giving you a manicure or pedicure lasting up to 2 weeks. Available in many colours and has a super shiney finish. This is the number one selling beauty treatment right now.

  • Shellac Manicure - £27
  • Shellac Pedicure - £30
  • Shellac Manicure - Rockstar - £30 including colour fades
  • Shellac Pedicure - Rockstar - £35 including colour fades
  • Shellac Removal - £15 if not having a Re-Shellac includes mini manicure
  • Shellac Removal - FOC is having a Re-application. 
  • Shellac Removal from another Salon. Please note that you may be charged extra if the 'Shellac' removal takes longer than expected. It may not actually be CND Shellac, even though you requested it from the Salon concerned.
  • Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel - Natural Overlay - £20
  • Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel - Strength Under Shellac - £10

Brisa Lite Structure Gel and Smoothing Gel

Is a Soak off Gel solution to assist in creating natural strong nails. Works along side Shellac products and creates natural overlays

Natural Nail Care


  • Express Manicure Treatment and Varnish £17.50
  • A mini treatment for those people that are is a rush and just want a quick tidy. Incorporating cuticle work, nail file and shape, hand massage. This is followed by an application of your chosen nail polish. If nail polish is not required the natural nail is buffed to a high shine for a glossy finish.
  • Standard Manicure Treatment and Varnish £23.50
  • A treatment incorporating a hand soak, cuticle work, exfoliation and massage. This is followed by an application of your chosen nail polish. Leaving your hands soft and alive.
  • Luxury Manicure Treatment and Varnish £28.50
  • A luxury manicure including cuticle work and the use of thermal mittens to nourish and hydrate the hands. The treatment is followed with an application of your chosen nail varnish, including French polish.
  • File and Varnish £12.00
  • This really is a quick treatment. File and Varnish that really is it.
  • Addition of Paraffin Wax £5.00 - Added to either Standard or Luxury option

Please note that all nail polishes take a while to dry and this consideration should be made when booking any treatments. I apply a quick dry top coat to assist but this does not make the polish completely dry. Please be careful!


  • Express Pedicure Treatment and Varnish £20.00

A mini treatment for those people that are is a rush and just want a quick tidy. Incorporating cuticle work, nail file and shape, foot massage. This is followed by an application of your chosen nail polish. If nail polish is not required the natural nail is buffed to a high shine for a glossy finish.

  • Standard Pedicure Treatment and Varnish £25.00

Incorporating hard skin softening with a foot soak, toe nail and cuticle tidy, exfoliation and foot file using podiatry drill and a relaxing foot massage. Using natural products leaving your feet feeling refreshed and your toes polished.

  • Luxury Pedicure Treatment and Varnish £30

A moisturising treat for the feet. Incorporating a foot soak, toe nail and cuticle tidy, hard skin removal using podiatry drill and exfoliation. This treatment involving thermal booties and a luxury foot mask and then a relaxing massage to leave your feet feeling revitalised and polished. Includes French Polish if required.

  • File & Varnish - £15

This is really quick, and includes file, trim and varnish with, basecoat, colour of your choice and topcoat. This does not include any additional work. Great if you are short of time and just need a quick tidy.

  • Addition of Paraffin Wax £5. when added to either the Standard or Luxury Pedicure for that wow factor.

Please remember to bring flip flops or open toe shoes in order that you may get home without any nail disasters. Polish does take a full 24 hours to fully dry.

Alternatively you can add on Shellac or Gelish to your pedicure for an additional £10 to the pedicure costs above. Everything will be dry and longer lasting.

  • Callus Removal £30
        Callus Foot Care System is a 30 minute four step process to remove the unsightly hard skin around          heels and toes. A skin softening patch is applied to the area and left for 15 minutes. Immediately            after the mask removal, a special scraper is used to peel off the dead skin (calluses) followed by a            skin buff to remove anything remaining. This is then completed by the application of an intensive            moisturiser. This treatment on its own does not include any other foot work or polish.

Foot Related Issues

If you have any foot related infections, fungal infections, verrucas etc I am unable to treat you. If this is identified as part of my initial consultation, then I will have to refer you to a GP, or to a Foot Health Professional. If you have your own suspicions that perhaps I would politely ask you to seek advice prior to booking a treatment. Thank you.

Cosmetic Toe Nail Repairs using Gel or Acrylic.

Do you have a piece of toe nail missing, maybe you have just knocked it in between pedicures. Well don't worry, I can rebuild your toe nail using gel, and you won't be able to tell the difference!

Your pedicure will be perfect again. These prices are to be added to any pedicure price as above.

  • Large Toe £20
  • Small Toes from £3


A fast, efficient and hygienic way of removing unwanted body hair for up to 6 weeks, using the best active ingredients. Wax has been formulated to provide impeccable waxing service for guaranteed customer satisfaction and suits all skin types. The waxing method that I use is Warm Wax or as often know as 'strip wax'. So warm wax is applied to the skin using a wooden spatula, and the wax is taken off using a muslin strip.

The ultimate hygiene methods are adopted at Essential Beauty and we do not re-use our wooden spatulas. Once the Spatula has been used and has touched a clients skin, the spatula is disposed off. This ensures that the spatula is not reused and placed back into the warm wax pot thus contaminating the clean wax. Additionally, where appropriate, non-latex gloves are warn too.

The wax itself is infused with Tea Tree to assist in a more comfortable waxing treatment, but also for its healing and antiseptic properties. The Pre Wax Cleanser and the Post Treatment creams are also infused with Tea Tree for their antiseptic properties. This minimises any redness or reactions that may be linked to the waxing process.

  • Full Leg wax and Bikini Line - £25.00
  • Full Leg Wax - £20.00
  • Half Leg wax and Bikini Line - £20.00
  • Half Leg Wax - £15.00
  • Bikini Line (up to normal panty line) - £12.00
  • Bikini Line Wax - Just past the panty line - £15
  • Higher Normal Bikini line with landing strip - £20
  • Higher Normal Bikini line with Landing Strip and bottom area - £30
  • Upper Lip - £8.00
  • Eyebrows (wax, shape and trim) - £12.00
  • Forearms - £10.00
  • Under Arms - £8.00

Please avoid any heat treatments, i.e. sunbeds, sauna's or hot baths after any waxing treatment for at least 24 hours. For full treatment description's please see my waxing page, thank you.

Semi-Permanent Tinting

  • Eyelash Tint - £15
  • Brow Tint - £10
  • Lash and Brow Tint Combined - £20

*Patch Test is required 24 hours prior to first appointment.

Spray Tanning

All Spray Tan Solutions are graded by DHA percentage (%)

A-Tan and Fake Bake and Sienna X Solution

  • Fake Bake 10% - £25
  • A-Tan RAPIDE - £25
  • Sienna X - £25

For the Pre and Post Spray Tan Treatment guidelines, please see my spray tan section on this site. Please note that the Spray Tan brand may change from time to time.

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Express is the only extension treatment available at present. Due to Health issues currently Ultimate lashes where full isolation and separation is involved is currently off menu. Watch for its return soon.

For a quicker but an alternative to the semi-permanent individual lashes these lashes are a shorter term solution. These lashes give a similar effect to a full set of lash extensions.

Using a variety of specialist lash extensions developed for the Express lash treatment, you can create amazing and fuller sets of lash extensions. The alternative application technique allows for a darker and glam look due to the nature of the lash technique and types of lashes that can be applied. I use a combination of application techniques to ensure your lashes are comfortable to wear.

We advise that you have these lash's removed and or infilled at 2 to 3 weeks. Natural Shedding will occur but surplus should be professionally removed.

  • Full set of Lash's is applied in 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Express Lash - for Natural Dark finish £45
  • Express Lash - For Dark Heavy look £50
  • Infills - from £30 (where more than a third of the lashes are lost up to a full set cost may be charged)
  • Removal - £10

A patch test appointment is required prior to your actual lash treatment. This ensures that there are no adverse reactions to the lash adhesive that I use, but also to ensure that you are happy to proceed and that we have discussed the look that you want along.

Please note : Even if you have had lashes before, you still need a patch test. Different glues are used by different Lash Specialists. Please be mindful of this and is totally for your own eye health and safety. Thank you for your understanding.

To book a patch test please call or email me. If you are unsure of lash extensions just come and have a chat and I will should you the lash's and answer all your questions.

Please note that not all people are suitable to wear eyelash extensions.


  • Brow Wax and Tint £20
  • Lash and Brow Tint - £20

*Patch Test is required 24 hours prior to first appointment.

Contact me through my website, email or call for free using the click to call button. I look forward to hearing from you.

I would politely ask you to note the below information.

  • Where numerous treatments and dates are booked in advance and time blocks allocated for you, a deposit may be required at time of booking.
  • If you are unable to make a specific treatment due to illness or unfortunate circumstances I will try to accommodate you elsewhere. Please give me as much notice as possible. 
  • During busy times please respect my diary commitments and arrive at the time booked for you. If you are late due to unavoidable circumstances then I will have to either reschedule or reduce your treatment time respectively. 
  • During my working hours I don't have a reception or receptionist; therefore I am unable to reach my phone when I am with ladies in treatment times. Please be understanding when calling me to book an appointment. Please do leave me a message and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I am able. 
  • Thank you so much and I look forward to welcoming you to Essential Beauty.

For an Appointment Call : 07800747982

My Address:

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NSI PolyDip - Lightweight and extremely durable
Gelish DIP - Come give it a try.
Russian Volume Lash's - Coming Soon
Gelish by Nail Harmony. UKs Leading Gel Polish.

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